Casper Medical Imaging and Outpatient Radiology focus on patient care in a safe, efficient, professional, quality-driven, and comfortable environment by providing comprehensive imaging and interventional services for the patients, providers, and institutions throughout Wyoming. As highly trained and sub-specialized physicians, our radiologists use cutting-edge technology and dedicated teams to take care of patients through the accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease with medical imaging and minimally invasive procedures.
As vibrant participants in our local community, we are locally owned and operated. We have an established community presence and meaningful interpersonal relationships with patients and providers, which drives our pursuit of quality and high-level service.
We strive to create an environment in which patients and referring medical providers preferentially select Casper Medical Imaging and Outpatient Radiology for all of their radiology needs by continuing to exceed the standard of care for imaging and interventional services for the people of Wyoming. We endeavor to be employers of choice by creating a culture of excellence through integrity, creativity, safety, compassion, and care.

We will earn the loyalty of those that we serve by expanding the breadth and depth of imaging and interventional services to the people of Wyoming through safe, appropriate, efficient, and quality-driven care close to home.

Respectful                    We are respectful of everyone.
Quality                           We are driven to achieve the highest standards of quality in all aspects of our business.
Responsibility               We are responsible for helping improve the health of Wyoming.
Positive                          We seek to be positive in our human interactions.
Loyal                               We are loyal to all those we serve.
Integrity                          Integrity is inherent in everything we do.
Excellence                      We strive for excellence.
Customer Service         We strive to set the industry standard with our customer service experience.