Legs For Looks

The no-surgery, no-scar treatment of varicose veins

If it has been years since you liberated your legs from pants or stockings because of unsightly varicose veins, then it is time to consider “Legs for Looks”. This is a simple, effective, no-surgery, no-scar way to bring back the smooth, healthy legs you once flaunted in skirts and shorts.

You aren’t just getting rid of the varicose and spider veins for the sake of vanity. While the veins may not present an immediate health problem, if left untreated they could lead to complications. For some individuals small varicose veins can turn into a prominent and painful condition that will need invasive, surgical treatment down the road.

Outpatient Radiology offers two varicose vein and spider vein treatments as an alternative to surgery. Both procedures are simple and effective, and will have you walking out of our office with healthy, beautiful legs.

Our laser vein treatment is the latest technology in removing varicose and spider veins. This procedure is a safe treatment that has a quicker recovery time than other vein removal methods. And our varicose vein treatments and spider vein treatments are performed in the privacy and comfort of our clinic right her in Casper.

So if you want to feel the breeze of a warm summer day on your legs again, read on for more information about “Legs for Looks”. After a quick, outpatient procedure you will be flaunting your new legs in no time. Call us to make an appointment, and start walking down the road towards healthy legs.